Once a fox was feeling very hungry. He roamed here and there in search of food but could not find anything to eat.

To take rest it sat under a tree. When the fox looked up, he saw, to his great joy, a crow sitting on one of the branches of the tree. He was holding a piece of meat in his beak.

On seeing this, his mouth began to water and started thinking about the piece of meat. At last he hit upon a plan to get the piece of meat from the crow.

He got up and said to crow, “Good morn­ing. I am glad to meet you. How handsome you look! What a nice beak you have! But if you could sing so sweet as you are beautiful, you could win for yourself the title of the ‘Queen of the birds’.”


The foolish crow was taken in by the oily talk of the fox. He felt happy. He at once opened his beak to sing. As he gave out a loud caw in his cracked voice, the piece of meat fell down on the ground.

The fox picked it up and ate it up at once. The poor crow had to repent on his foolishness.


Do not give way to flattery.