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Short story on The Whirlpool and The Sea Monster

For these rea­sons, Ulysses was forced to steer between the rock of the whirlpool and the rock which seemed like a harmless river, and the men, in fear, ceased to hold the oars, and down the stream the oars splashed in confusion.

Short mythological story of Prometheus and Epimetheus

Zeus, the supreme ruler of the universe, with the aid of the giant Hercules and other gods, had rid the earth of the Titans and the Giants. The expulsion of these brutal creatures ensured that humans could now feel safe on Earth.

Notes on the Story Telling Method of Teaching History

By nature children are fond of stories. Children have genuine interest in listening to stories. History was originally presented in stories and it is felt that students, particularly at the early school stage, should be taught history through a series of stories.

Summary of “the Bose Came to Dinner” story by Sushama Sahay

Mr. Shamnath was an employee in ail office. Once he invited his boss to dinner. Therefore, on the day of dinner, he and his wife started arranging things and decorating their house. When they were busy keeping things in order they thought over their old mother.

How to write a story ?

While writing a story you must consider the following points: a) Read the outline slowly and carefully. b) Understand the outline fully. c) Keep the points in the outline in mind while writing. d) Cover the points in the same sequence as given in the outline.

Essay on a Short Story

It is difficult to define a short story precisely. No single formula will cover its immense range and variety. It is, indeed, a far cry from the primitive legends to the subtle touches of Manpassant.

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