Once a dog was waiting near a meat shop the hope to get by chance a piece of meat. Soon he found an opportunity.

The shopkeeper had a good number of customers visiting his shop at a time, and he became busy in talking to them and selling meat according to their respective laments.

In the meantime, the dog managed to bite a lump of meat from the shop and ran away as fast as possible. He reached the bank of a river and wanted to cross the river by the bridge that was laid over it.

The dog climbed the bridge, and as he came near the middle of it, he saw his own shadow fell on the bed of the river, which reflected that a dog was standing with a lump of flesh in his mouth.


The dog became greedy and wanted to a way that piece of meat also. So he jumped into the river to catch hold of the meat. And he was soon carried away by the strong current of the river. Thus the dog had received the result of his greed.