Outline: A thirsty lamb went to stream a wolf, which stood upstream, accused the lamb that the latter made the water dirty the lamb pleaded innocence but the wolf killed him.

Expanded Story: One day a thirsty lamb went to drink water from a stream. On the upper stream, there stood a wolf. He saw a plump lamb. His mouth watered. So he wanted to make some excuse so that he could kill the lamb.

The wolf shouted at the lamb, “Hey, why do you make the water dirty. How can I drink dirty water?”The lamb humbly replied, “Sir, I’ve not made the water dirty. I’m standing at a lower level.

The water cannot flow upwards from me. It always flows downwards.”The wolf said, “If it is not you, then it must be your father who has made the water dirty.” The lamb said, “Sir, my father died long ago. How can he do it now?”


The wolf was getting impatient to kill the lamb. He angrily said, “Then it must be your grandfather who made my drinking water dirty!” So saying, the wolf jumped on the poor lamb and killed him without waiting for a reply.

Moral: The wicked finds his own excuses.