Expanded Story: A lion was sleeping at noon after his meal. There a mouse ran by chance over his body that woke the ‘king of the beasts’. The angry lion caught hold of the small mouse with his heavy paw, and wanted to smash it to death.

The poor mouse explained that it ran over his body by chance, and not with any intention to disturb his sleep. It prayed for mercy to the lion.The lion, however, pardoned the tiny creature.

Now the mouse promised the lion of any kind of help in future. At this, the lion smiled, because he did not know how a small creature like a mouse could be of any help to a mighty lion.The mouse bowed down and left silently.

One day the lion fell into the trap of hunters. He roared and roared for help from other animals of the forest. But no one came forward to his help for fear of being caught by the hunters.


But as soon as the mouse heard the lion roaring, it came near the lion and began to gnaw the strings of the net steadily. It made soon a large hole in the net, and the lion escaped easily.Now the lion admitted that even a small creature can be of help to the largest animal at times.

Moral: Mercy is rewarded.