Outline: An old farmer’s three sons were quarrelling- the farmer gave a stick to his youngest son to break it – he broke it – then he gave a bundle of sticks to his eldest son to break it – he failed – the farmer taught them the value of unity.Expanded Story: An old farmer workedhard all his life.

He became weak owing to his age. He wanted that his three sons live together happily after his death. But his sons were not in good terms with one another.

They had always been quarrelling so he thought they would not live together in future. And the enemies would destroy them, one by one, taking advantage of their weakness.

So the farmer wanted to teach them a lesson of unity by demonstrating an example. He called all his sons. Then he gave a single stick to his youngest son, and asked him tobreak it. The boy broke it easily.


Then the farmer gave the bundle of sticks to his eldest and strongest son, and asked him to break it. He failed to do so, even with great effort.

Then the old man said to his sons, “My sons, you have seen that a single stick can be easily broken, but a bundle of sticks cannot be so easily broken. So you understand that if you live separately after my death, your enemies will easily destroy you, one by one. But if all of you live jointly, your enemies will not be able to do any harm to you.”The three sons of the old farmer promised to live together in future.

Moral: Unity is strength.