There was a small village at the foot of a hill, where the villagers lived happily. A shepherd boy also lived there.

He used to graze the sheep in the valley from dawn to dusk, and returned home in the evening with his cattle.

One day the shepherd boy thought of befooling the villagers.” He shouted at the top of his voice. “Wolf, Wolf!” The villagers came running to-the spot with their sticks and weapons in hand to save the boy and his cattle. But they found no wolf there. The shepherd boy began to laugh, as tie was able to befool the villagers.

After a few days, the shepherd boy again shouted, “Wolf, Wolf!” and again, the villagers came running with their sticks and weapons to the rescue of the distressed, but again, they saw the shepherd boy laughing for befooling them. They went back annoyed at the boy.


Now one day a wolf really appeared at the valley and attacked the shepherd boy and his cattle. The boy shouted loudly, “Wolf, Wolf!” But the villagers took it for the usual fun that the boy enjoyed by misleading them. So they did not bother themselves to come to the rescue.

The shepherd boy was killed, and a few sheep were injured by the wolf. The boy understood before his death that lies do not pay, and they rather create troubles for the liar.