Union Is Strength – Short Story


There was an old farmer who lived in a village. He had four sons, o were lazy and idle. They often quarreled among themselves. The old man was very much annoyed with it.

So he called his four sons and told them that since his end was near, he wanted to teach them a lesson. So he told them that since his end was near, he wanted to give them a useful piece of advice.

He sent for a bundle of sticks, it was brought. He asked all his sons turn by turn to break the bundle of the sticks. All tried hard, but none of them was able to break the bundle.


Then he asked one of them to untie the-bundle. This was also done immediately. Then he asked each of them to break the sticks individually. Now each one succeeded in doing so.

The old farmer then said to them, “If you live together in peace, none can harm you. But if you are divided, you will lose.”


United we stand, divided we fall.

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