The prize day at our school is a day of glorious celebration. Prizes are distributed among several students who have achieved excellence in different respects in that year. It is observed every year in our school.

The day has a special significance for the students and teachers. An aroma of pleasure runs everywhere in the school campus this day. The school is decorated with flags and festoons. In the evening the attractive decoration of electric light arrests everybody’s attention and creates an impression of a paradise on the earth.

Many respectable ladies and gentlemen including the guardians of the students are invited to the occasion. An important person is invited to the occasion for distributing the prizes.

This year the annual prize distribution was held on the 20th March. A dais was erected in front of our school and was decorated with colorful flowers. Students made an attractive gate to greet the visitors and the guest of honour.


Mr. Bose, the Editor of a newspaper, was invited as the Chief Guest. The meeting started with an opening chorus by the students. The Head Master read the Annual Report of the school. In the report he summarised the all-round performance of the students of our school.

Then the Chief Guest distributed the Prizes. Prizes were awarded to the students for regular attendance, for general proficiency, for excellence in sports, etc. The winners came to the dais to receive prizes from the Chief Guest one by one. They were cheered by the audience.

The distribution of prizes was followed by an impressive speech by the guest of honour. He encouraged the students to be ‘brave and hard-working. He also spoke a few words about such virtues as honesty, discipline and punctuality. He adored the winners and told others not to be disheartened.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chief Guest and others. The students entertained the guests with a one-act-play and then with a group-dance. The prize day of our school was a grand success.