Short Essay on The Prize Distribution Day of Our School


The whole school was gaily decorated with pictures, buntings and flower pots. A beautiful canopy was set up in the school compound which was also tastefully decorated. A raised dais was arranged. On either side of the dais were placed chairs for the gentry and the elite of the town.

The whole compound was full of chairs for ladies and gentlemen invited to the function. The guests began pouring in at 2 p.m. and by 3 p.m. the whole compound was packed to the full. The prizes consisting of attractive books, medals, cups and other articles were beautifully arranged on two big tables. The prize-winners sat on a carpet in front of the dais. Other students stood in the galleries all round the compound.

The Minister arrived at 3.30 p.m. exact. He was received at the school gate by the Headmaster, the President and other members of the School Trust. He was profusely garlanded. The scouts gave him a guard of honour. The school band played the welcome tune. As he stepped on to the dais, all stood up as a mark of respect.


The function began with Vande Mataram. It was followed by the chanting of Vedic hymns and a welcome song in honour of the chief guest. Then there were more songs in chorus and a number of short but very interesting speeches.

These were followed by a mock assembly. A drama in Sanskrit and another in Punjabi, were the highlights of the programme. A few chosen athletes gave a wonderful display of their physical feats. The huge audience was kept spellbound all the time last of all, the Headmaster read out the annual report of the school. The report received loud approbation as it described the all-round progress made by the school.

Then the President rose to give away the prizes. The prize-winners came by turns, saluted the President, received the prizes, thanked the President and after a handshake took their seats. At the end, the President made a neat little speech.

He congratulated the Headmaster and the staff on the excellent work they were doing. He encouraged the prize-winners and exhorted others to emulate them. Then with a vote of thanks to the chair, the function came to a successful close.


After this the guests were served with tea. At the end of the tea party, the President was photographed with the Headmaster, the members of the school committee and the young artistes of the school. The next day was declared a holiday in honour of the successful function.

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