The prize distribution function of our school was held in month of September, 2007. It was held in the school playground.

The school was cleaned and decorated. Many preparations were made. The guardians of the students were invited. The prizes were placed on the table.

The Education Minister of our Pradesh was invited as a Chief Guest of the function. The Chief Guest arrived at 5 P.M.

He was warmly welcomed by the Principal and other staff members at the gate. The school band played a welcome tune.


Soon the programme started. The principal welcomed the chief guest. He thanked him for coming to the function. He requests him to say a few words. The chief guest gave a short speech.

After this, the prize was given away by the chief guest. Many students got prizes. I was also one of the prize winners. All of us were very happy.

There are many interesting items. Many photographs were taken. The principal thanked the chief guest. The programme began with our national song.

The next day was announced a holiday. The function came to an end. We enjoyed the function very much.