I am a resident of Ambala. In the month of June a great scarcity of water is felt. A municipal water tap presents a busy scene both in the morning and the evening.

Long before the tap starts running, anxious crowds of men, women and children gather at a tap with their buckets, pitchers, pots and pans. Sometimes they queue up and wait for their turn. But as soon as a tap starts running, they break the queue and rush madly for water.

Some strong and aggressive type of people snatch others’ turns. This often leads to exchange of hot words and even to blows. Sometimes these clashes and quarrels result in serious injuries. The rush is sometimes so great that many have to return home with their pots empty.

A municipal tap is a busy place from early morning till late in the evening. Early in the morning people gather there to bathe or brush their teeth. Some poor folk wash their clothes at the tap before there is a rush.


Some are seen hurrying to the tap while others are seen returning with their pitchers full of water poised on their heads or their buckets of water held in their hands. All seem to be busy and impatient. The surroundings of the tap become wet and slippery. Sometimes an individual slips and gets hurt.

Adequate supply of pure, fresh water throughout the year, particularly in summer, is most essential. Scarcity of water leads to uncleanliness, dirty surroundings and spread of diseases. The municipal authorities must arrange for adequate and perennial supply of drinkable water.

Water is one of the primary necessities of life any shortage of it is a serious handicap and a cause of great unrest and discontent. No municipality can afford to sleep over it.

Of late, the things have improved. The municipal authorities have solved the water problem to a greater extent but much remains yet to be done in this direction. The co-operation of the public is also badly needed.