Here is an instance of the apathy with which the Water supply Committee of the Delhi Municipal Corporation is conducting its affairs.


Recently the Corporation restricted the hours of supply of water in this colony to two in the morning and evening each. Needless to say that in the summer months when the demand for water increases, the people in this locality cannot satisfy their requirements within the restricted period. Long queues in the morning as well as in the evening are a daily scene. Sometimes people lose patience and break the queue which leads to quarrels among them.

In the absence of an adequate supply of water, people draw heavily upon hand pumps. But the Corporation, by a notification issued recently, has already declared hand pump water as too harmful to be used without boiling. Not all people, however, take this trouble with the result they run the risk of falling ill.

On the other hand, the colony adjacent to ours gets water for eight hours a day. As such the restriction on us is a clear injustice.

Could not the authorities think over the matter once again and double the hours of supply ?


Thanking you,

Yours affectionately