A bus stop is an interesting place. There are always passengers at the bus stops. During the peak hours there is a huge rush at the bus stops. I go to my school by bus,

Yesterday I reached the bus stop a little earlier than usual. There was a great rush at the stop. Some people were standing in a queue. Some people were standing all around. Everyone was in a hurry.

Some people were talking. Some were reading newspapers. Some were discussing politics. Some were discussing about the law and order problem, while others were discussing about the rising prices.

As soon as the bus arrived, all the passengers ran to board it. There was pushing and pulling. The queue was broken. I could not get into the bus. The bus took a few passengers and moved on.


After sometime another bus on the same route came. It was also packed. Somehow, I was able to get inside the bus. There was no place even to stand properly.

I got down after four stands. I have to face this problem every day. Buses are always overcrowded during peak time.