Short Essay on the Republic Day


January 26th is celebrated by Indians as Republic Day. We celebrate it every year. It was on this day in 1950, that India became a Sovereign Democratic Republic and gave to itself a constitution of its own.

The Republic Day is celebrated all over the country as well as all over the world by Indians with great pomp and show In Delhi it is celebrated amidst great enthusiasm and joy. A special parade is held on the day. Early in the morning people begin to assemble at Rajpath and other places to see the grand parade. The President of India takes the salute.

A procession starts from Vijay Chowk. All the three wings of the armed forces take part in the parade. There is a display of tanks, big guns and other weapons of war; in fact the strength of the armed forces. Military bands play tunes. N.C.C. cadets and the police also participate in the parade.


They are followed by tableaux from the different states. They depict the picture of the life and customs of the people of the respective states and the progress they have made after independence. Unity in diversity is amply displayed.

Folk dancers assemble in the Capital from states. The dancers sing and play on various instruments. Boys and girls of local colleges and schools march in procession and sing national song.

There is a colourful fly-past by different types of aeroplanes. Rose petals are showered from air and a trail of saffron, white and green, the colours of the National Flag, is left behind. Balloons of tri-colour also float in the air.

At night all the government buildings are illuminated and the people move out to watch the beautiful sight.


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