154 Words Essay for kids on Republic Day of India


Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January every on this day in 1950, the Constitution of India introduced. It is celebrated with great pomp and show over the country.

Republic Day is celebrated at India Gate, New Del’ People from all parts of the country visit this place. The watch the colourful celebrations. The procession star at 8 a.m. and it proceeds to the Red Fort.

The procession is colourful. The Army, the Na and the Air Force take part in this parade. The N.C, cadets, school boys and girls also take part in the procession. Tableaus of different states present a beautiful scene. The folk dancers gracefully stage their dances,


Air force aeroplanes leave three colourful trails in the air. This shows the three colours of our national flag Republic Day is also celebrated in every school, college city, town and village. It is one of the greatest nation festivals of India.

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