Short Biography of Trevor Prangley


Trevor Prangley is a South African, born in 24th of August, 1972. He is a professional Mixed Martial artist and currently fighting for the Strikeforce. Previously he fought in Ultimate Fighting Championship where he competed in the middleweight as well as the light heavyweight divisions. Some of the fighters he has defeated include Travis Lutter, Chael Sonnen, Keith Jardine and Matt Horwich.

Prangley was raised in a small farm where tended sheep, chickens and horses with the father, mother and siblings. When he was just 4 years old, his father inquired if he would want to go and take up wrestling classes at the local club. Though he didn’t understand what it meant then, but it was a start of a long profession in the field of wrestling.

Throughout his youth days he wrestled in South Africa. Several awards were won by him both in the regional as well as the state levels. At 23 he got the national title. This got him close in making the Olympic team of South African; however he lost in the qualifying match at overtime and settled for alternate status. Trevor made up him mind to go to the US in order to further his dreams in Olympic after he was disappointed and discontented with intensity of training he got in South Africa.


Heading to Idaho, USA he left behind his family and was believing he make the lineup and also get a scholarship in North Idaho College, the local community college. The idea paid off. He obtained All-American status at NIC both years. Unluckily, Trevor ripped his ACL in his final match in his second year as he was ahead on points. He was placed runner-up. Angered that he missed his eligibility and had not attained his goal of been the national champion, he started thinking of return back to South Africa. Those thoughts quickly disappeared when he started receiving various scholarship recommendations to carry on his wrestling dream at four-year schools. Highly motivated by this he began his rehabilitation in an aggressive manner.

Though a doctor predicted that it will take nine months before he was able to fight again, Trevor located a Jiu-Jitsu school where he resumed training. This enabled him to stay fit and also have to something to train with while recovering. In 1998 after six months he fought his first amateur MMA fight. Though he lost the fight via decision, he found out that the Mixed Martial art was the best sport for him. After cancelling plans to restart college wrestling, he won 19 consecutive matches before he turned pro in 2001.

In Strikeforce he fought many times including Strikeforce: Four Men Enter and One Man Survives competition. He won Falaniko Vitale in the round one of the competition by decision. In the finals he lost to Jorge Santiago. Trevor fought at the Strikeforce: Los Angeles with Tim Kennedy on 16th June, 2010 and was defeated by submission. He fought with Keith Jardine and defeated him by split decision.

Trevor is married to Sherrie and they have a son, Sebastian.

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