Short Biography of Naveen Jindal


Naveen Jindal is an Indian politician, a philanthropist and an industrialist. He is currently Member of Parliament representing the constituency of Kurukshetra and a party member of Indian National Congress. He is also the Chairman and Managing Director of Jindal Steel and Power Limited. He is an avid player and had represented India on various international platforms in shooting games and Polo. He had won ample accolades and medals.

Naveen Jindal was born on 9th March, 1970, in Hisar, Haryana to O.P. Jindal and Savitri Jindal. His father was a great visionary, industrialist and former Minister of Power in the Haryana Government. O.P. Jindal had remained member of state legislative assembly thrice. He was the first industrialist in India who won the Lok Sabha elections and became Member of Parliament. Naveen had learnt a lot from his father. He has perfectly blended his ultra modern education with his father’s acumen and basic skills of business. He is married to acclaimed kuchipudi dancer, Shallu Jindal. He has two children, Venkatesh and Yashswini.

Naveen had completed his school level education from Delhi Public School, New Delhi. He had completed his graduation in commerce stream from Hans Raj College, University of Delhi. Later he completed his MBA at Dallas from University of Texas in the year 1992. He was an active student throughout school and college. University of Texas had even christened their management school after Naveen Jindal as an acknowledgement of his continuous support and concern towards his alma mater.


After completing his education he came to India and joined Indian National Congress. He got elected from Kurukshetra constituency in year 2004 and became the Member of Parliament. He repeated his winning streak in the 2009 general elections and again won the seat with a huge margin. He actively worked to improvise the infrastructure of his constituency. He had spent 10.92 crores from MPLAD for the development of the constituency.

Naveen Jindal made the news after winning a decade long legal battle regarding the hoisting of National flag. On 24th August, 2004, Supreme Court of India gave directions to amend the ‘national flag code’ and allowed the citizens of India to hoist Indian flag with full dignity and honour on all days. Naveen had also set up a foundation named ‘Flag Foundation of India’ with his wife.

His sharp business sense and the ability to foresee had helped him to revive his company. When he took over the charge of his company in 1993, it was a moderately performing enterprise. But with the implementation of competent and considerate business policies he had managed to convert it into star performer. His company is 4th largest business entity in the country. After performing impressively on the home grounds, now, the company is widening its base overseas in countries like, Bolivia, Oman, Indonesia, Australia etc. Currently the company is the largest coal-based sponge iron manufacturing plant in the world. Its plants are run in Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Jharkhand.

Naveen Jindal is an international level skeet shooting player and has represented India on various significant platforms including Asian Games in South Korea in 2002. He has also excelled in the game of Polo and his team is one of the finest Polo teams in India.


He had won various awards and recognitions. He was awarded the Student Leader of the Year at University of Texas. Besides, he has been awarded with Justice P.N. Bhagwati award for his contribution to legal education. Recently, he won Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year award in 2010. His list of awards and medals is quite impressive and exhaustive.

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