Short Biography of Sachin Pilot


Sachin Pilot was born on 7th September, 1977, in Civil Lines, Bajoria road, Saharanpur,Uttar Pradesh. He is the son of late Mr. Rajesh Pilot, who was an eminent Congress leader and Mrs. Rama Pilot. Currently, Sachin Pilot is Minister of state in the Ministry of Information and technology, a portfolio which was held by his father during P.V. Narsimha Rao’s tenure. He is also member of the Indian Parliament’s standing committee on Home affairs and member of the Consultative committee in the Ministry of Civil aviations.

Sachin Pilot completed his school level education from Air Force Bal Bharti School, New Delhi. He graduated from St. Stephen’s college, New Delhi in BA (Honours). Sachin Pilot had worked with BBC at the Delhi bureau. He had also served at General Motors Corporation. Then he went to complete his MBA from Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania, USA. He specialised in multinational management and finance.

He joined Indian National Congress on 10th February, 2002, which is also his father’s birth date. The day was celebrated with fervour among the people of his constituency. He was elected as Member of Parliament on 13th May, 2004 from Dausa constituency, Rajasthan. He won with a huge margin of 1.2 lac votes. Later he shifted his polling constituency to Ajmer, Rajasthan due to delimitation. He recorded an impressive win from there also on 16th May 2009. He became the youngest Member of Parliament at the age of 26.


He is married to Sara Abdullah, daughter of Farookh Abdullah who is the ex-CM of Jammu and Kashmir and currently a Member of Parliament. He had also served as the President of National Conference Party.

Sachin Pilot is an enthusiastic sports person. He has represented Delhi state in number of national shooting championships. He is an avid traveller and has travelled various destinations both at home and abroad. He is also a keen pilot and fond of flying. He has got his private pilot license (PPL) from New York, USA in the year 1995.

He is well connected to the people of his constituency. He often visits the remote areas of the constituency and interacts openly with farmers and labourers. He connects with the youth of rural India and tries to involve them to main stream politics. He gives them the message of social justice and work for the empowerment of the backward class.

Sachin Pilot also runs a charitable trust that provides monthly pension to the physically and mentally challenged people, war widows and orphans etc. The trust also runs hostels for poor girls to give them an opportunity to complete their education.


He has also compiled and published a book naming, ‘Rajesh Pilot: In Spirit Forever’, in January, 2001.

Sachin Pilot is a young and dynamic leader. He has achieved a lot in this young age. Moreover, he has also proven his capabilities and justified his responsibilities. He has a long way to go ahead and mark his presence more prominently as a politician and a great leader.

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