Eight Important questions of Vegetation of India


1. In which part of India Sundri trees are found ?

Ans. Sundarvan delta.

2. In what area the forests are found in India ?


Ans. 7’55 lacs square kilometers (74 lacs Hectare).

3. What is the percentage of forests in India ?

Ans. 23%. I .

4. Which state of India has maximum coverage of forests ?


Ans. Assam.

5. For ecological balance what should be the percentage of forests for a particular area ?

Ans. 33%.

6. Which type of forests are also known as mangroves ?


Ans. Tidal forests.

7. Which type of forests are also called monsoon forests ?

Ans. Tropical deciduous.

8. Which type of forests are also termed as evergreen forests ?


Ans. Tropical rain forests.

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