To spread panic and horrify people is known as terrorism. It has become a worldwide phenomenon. Many countries encourage terror­ism in other countries for their political gains. We can have an example of Pakistan, which is helping terrorism in Punjab and Jammu and Kash­mir. The countries give them training and sophisticated deadly arms for their wicked acts. Terrorists kill innocent people mercilessly. The idea behind it is to spread panic among people and cripple government machinery. Thus terrorism is a vicious circle which can ruin a country. In India there is terrorism in eastern states also. Some separatist groups are also adopting terrorism for acceptance of their demands by the government. The terrorist activities in our country had already taken the precious lives of our two Prime Ministers, Smt. Indira Gandhi and Sh. Rajiv Gandhi. With Pakistan’s collusion terrorists created a havoc in Bombay in the recent past. The government should curb these activi­ties and should not accede to the demands of the terrorists.