If you ask anyone in America what do you think of Pakistanis? Without any hesitation they would say “Pakistanis are terrorists”. This is the stereotype which has developed over the recent years and it would be wrong to say that such a stereotype is wrongly associated with the country. The biggest problem facing Pakistan is terrorism which has spoiled the country’s reputation in the entire world and it would require excessive amounts of effort on behalf of the country to improve its image in the global arena.

Terrorism in Pakistan is majorly associated with religious extremism and its incidence has increased since the events of 9/11. Taliban was behind the attacks of 9/11 and its roots extended to Pakistan. Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan is another terrorist group which has been associated with terrorist attacks in the country and is directly linked to Osama bin Laden’s Terrorist organization. Taliban’s fight was not initially against Pakistan but after 9/11 when former President Pervez Musharraf agreed to form an ally with the U.S against “War on Terror” there was great rage in the Taliban outfit who decided then to launch terrorist attacks in the country in retaliation. Although Pakistan is part of the US alliance they are often accused by US for being a terrorist country which has challenged Pakistan’s sovereignty. This has also resulted in internal conflicts in the country with many people raising their voices against the government and demanding Pakistan to leave the US alliance against “War on Terror”.

The casualties that have resulted from terrorist attacks in the country have increased from 168 in 2003 to more than 4000 per year in 2011. This is an alarming situation for the country as terrorist attacks have caused a decline in Pakistan’s economy. Foreign investors are not ready to come to Pakistan to initiate business projects because they do not think that the country is safe for making any investments There have been various incidents reported where the Chinese businessmen have been attacked or kidnapped by terrorists and China being a major investor in Pakistan is losing confidence in the country with every passing day. The country’s sports have also been badly affected after a terrorist attack on the Srilankan Cricket Team in Lahore and since then no international cricket team has visited Pakistan. Terrorist groups do not miss an opportunity to carry out terrorist attacks on any religious event either. Attacks have been made on Shias and Ahmedis frequently. Every year there are bomb blasts on their religious processions and the government seems to be helpless in front of these terrorists as they have no way to stop these bomb blasts from happening.

There have been various suggestions given by popular personalities in the country to control terrorism but none seem to be viable. The government has offered time and again to negotiate with the Terrorist outfits but these terrorist are not prepared to make any negotiations until Pakistan leaves the US alliance. However, it’s high time that some practical steps are taken by the government to control these terrorist activities or else the time is near when the country would be termed as a “Failed State”.