Terrorism, or, the ideology of terror, has become the major challenge today not only for India, but for the whole world alike. Be it the small countries like Ireland, Israel etc. or the big ones like Russia, USA of India, the terrorism has become the main challenge to the governments of most countries of today’s world. This heinous ideology finds its place in the minds of the people who want to pressurize others to get their demands conceded forcibly. While at some places these demands can be termed as fair, in many other cases, the terrorists demand something that has no public issue.

With the politics taking up this ideology as a tool for the sake of power, the terrorism has adopted a new form nowadays. It often happens that when a government is working quite well, and the opposition does not find any issue to make its presence or importance felt it hires some unsocial elements and get a bomb blast or not done in a public place. In this way, the media rushes in for the coverage of the event and these leaders behind the game get a chance to malign the government publicly.

This is a form of terrorism at the national level, but the menace has gone beyond all proportions and now it takes place quite internationally. One country who is not capable of defeating the other in open battle or does not want to fight in open, often takes to the terrorism. Pakistan has been the greatest example to this particular type of international or cross-border terrorism. Hundreds of terrorist camps where thousands of terrorists are being trained are operating in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK).

When these terrorists complete their terror courses, they are pushed in the Indian Territory through difficult terrains where there it is not possible to keep a tight vigil by our army. Once in Indian Territory, these terrorists cause every possible loss of life and property to the Indians. With this, the Pakistan wants to raise the issue as if the Kashmiri people themselves are fighting for their independence from India. This six-decade long policy of Pakistan is amply clear to the world now and it is not felt world over that our notorious neighbor should stop doing this all.


In recent past, the most powerful country of the world, the USA was shocked when an Afghanistan-based terrorist organization carried out four simultaneous hijacks and blasted the planes into the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001. In a similar, but abortive fashion, five Pakistan-supported terrorists attacked and tried to blow the Parliament building of Indian on December 13, 2001. But, our security personnel gunned down them all in a close gun-battle just at the gate of the central building.

Thus, the danger of this evil tendency looms large on the mankind and if it is not tackled effectively now and by us all, it may cause irreparable damages to very human civilization.