165 Words Short Paragraph on the Republic Day (India)


Since Independence, we Indians have been taking pride in the constitu­tion of India. Our constitution was formally formulated on January 26, 1950. On which day India became Republic. So, this day, commonly known as the Republic Day, is a national holiday. It is celebrated every year all around India. In Delhi, a big procession is taken out in the morning from Vijay Chowk to Red Fort. On the Raj Path, mil­lions of people gather to see the par­ticipation of various states of India.The President of India arrives in his royal carriage and salutes the marc fast. All three wings of the In­dian Defense participate. The N.C.C. units of the various schools & colleges from all over India also participate.Then follow the dancing troops of various states. This is the main attrac­tion of the vast procession.All the common people who are true citizens of India celebrate this festival with real zest. The. Republic Day is a symbol of national pride, reverence and self-confidence.

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