I had the occasion to visit the educational show and exhibition called “Dinosaurs Alive.” It was organized by the National Council of Science Museums, opposite the Gate No. I, Pragati Maidan, near Purina Quila. It was really a wonderful experience to see the models or the monstrous Jurassic lizards stride, move, snarl and spit fire. These automated and pneumatic-driven lizards seemed quite living, and were of life size. These lizards strode fast, yeaned and belched fire. Their agile tails, forelimbs and torso gave the realistic feeling of the reptiles now extinct. There were in all lv8 dinosaur models of 14 varieties. It is estimated that they died and perished about 65 million years ago. The models looked so terrific, fierce and awful and moved very fast. The visit proved a great excitement and entertainment, mixed with much education and enlightenment. I shall ever remember this visit and experience. It revived in my mind the memories of the film Jurassic Park seen two years ago.