Storage & Care of Programmed Instruction

Linear text programs should be maintained in the following manner:

1. Make certain the disclosure mask, if there is one, is kept with the text.

2. Shelving and other storage and maintenance procedures are the same as those for other texts or workbooks.


Programmed teaching machines should be maintained in the following manner:

1. For non-electronic teaching machines, make sure that there is an adequate supply of replacement response paper (frequently comes in rolls) and that it is properly fitted to the machine.

2. Return the program to the beginning after each use, unless it is being used by only one user in which case it should remain at the place the user left off.

3. For electronic teaching machines, be certain that ‘ the film on which the programs are encoded is protected, especially along the edges which contain the advance signals. (They should be returned to their containers immediately after use.) These machines are often unpredictable. Refer electronic problems to a qualified technician, if you can find one. These machines are not in common use today.