Short Notes on Role of Cavour in Unification of Italy


Cavour played no less significant role in the unifica­tion of Italy. Prof. Philip has brought out his role in unification of Italy thus, “Italy as a nation is the legacy, the life-work of Cavour. Others have been devoted to the national liberation but only he knew how to bring it into the sphere of possibilities.

He kept it pure of any factious spirit, he led it away from barren Utopias, kept it clear of reckless conspiracies, steered straight between revolt and reaction and gave it an organized force, a flag, a government and foreign allies.” He has been described as “the master brain which mobilized the inspiration of Mazzini into a diplo­matic force and changed the award of Garibaldi into a national weapon.”

He provided leadership to the other States of Italy by making Sardinia and Piedmont an ideal state so that other states may follow it. For this purpose he made it an ideal democracy and took numerous steps to create an infra-structure for the economic progress of the state.


Above all, he tried to win the support and confidence of the foreign powers to attain his objective. One writer has observed, “If there had been no Cavour to win the confidence, sympathy and support of Europe, if he had not been recognized as one whose sense was just in all emergencies.

Mazzini’s ef­forts would have run to waste in a questionable insurrections and Garibaldi’s feat of arms must have added one chapter more to the history of unproductive patriotism.” In short, we can say with confidence that of all the political and national leaders of Italy, Cavour contributed most to the unification of Italy.

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