In its report titled ‘Mobile Broadband Outlook 2015? Price water coopers the world’s largest auditing and consulting firm envisaged that India’s 3G broadband subscriber base would cross 100 million marks by the end of 2015. According to the report the Indian telecom market is growing at a Compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30 per cent since 1995 and is still augmenting.

The telecom industry has been able to rope in about 14 million subscribers per month in the year 2009. As a consequence of this the wireless subscriber base has grown to 635.51 million till June 2010.

The report also focused on the impending challenges to the telecom industry like the low penetration and duplication and stagnation of data. Nevertheless the unexpected inflow of revenue of about 1.06 trillion for the government in the 3G and Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) auction has signified the potential of the Industry. It also saw the intense competition among the operators.

Highlights of report


i. Wireless services: Bright future:

The Wireless subscriber base is poised to cross the 1 billion mark. The growth is also expected to be robust in the rural telecom market.

ii. Subscriber base to cross 100 million for 3G broadband:

The mobile broadband services are poised to cross the 100 million mark by the end of 2015. The enhanced user experience, innovative applications and reasonable 3G handset prices have enlightened the prospects.


iii. Business matrix, likely to be stimulated by the mobile broadband services:

The launch of new services and the emergence of new and innovative business models are set to Change the business dynamics in India: Initially the mobile broadband services would provide additional business for engineering firms, network infrastructure firms and equipment vendors latter it would open new avenues for content developers, aggregators and technology enablers.

iv. Impact of Mobile broadband services:

Mobile broadband services would generate unprecedented revenue of Rs.940 billion in 2015 from the telecom industry. The whopping revenue in the 3G auction bears a testimony for the same.


v. Positive impact of mobile broadband services on various sectors:

The benefits of the mobile broadband services can be leveraged to various sectors like financial, Media and Entertainment, Agriculture etc. The Internet penetration is quite gaunt in these sectors. This would add on to the socio – economic growth of the country.