After reaping a bonanza of almost Rs. 70,000 crore through 3G auctions, the government is set to earn more revenue from Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) spectrum auctions. BWA will herald the entry of wireless high speed internet into the country and with 11 bidders the competition is expected to be tough. Internet has revolutionized lives of millions.

Now a new technology is set to revolutionize the way internet reaches your home. Neither cumbersome wires nor the fervent search for a hot-spot is any more needed.

Broadband wireless access (BWA) will provide seamless internet connectivity in all parts of the country, just like a mobile phone does. Moreover, BWA will provide internet at a speed of above 256 kilo bytes per second. These high speeds mean you can watch movies, play games and look at YouTube while being on the move. However, this technology is different from the wi­fi connection. Unlike wi-fi, BWA covers a much larger area. So, few towers will ensure that a telecom company covers the whole city. Being spectrum based the speeds are also much higher.

The government is auctioning two slots and each bidder stands to win 20 MHz of spectrum. Eleven bidders are in the fray. But what could turn out to be a game changer is the fact that Qualcomm, one of the bidders, is looking to use the BWA spectrum to even move towards the 4th generation mobile services.