Write a Brief Note on the second Battle of Panipat


Hemu was the first one to draw Akbar’s attention. Hemu nurtured the desire to oust the Mughals and once again receive Afghan rule in India. He marched with a large force and seized Delhi and Agra.

Akbar was advised by some nobles to retreat to Kabul, but Bairam Khan, his regent, insisted on facing the enemy. Both of the armies met on the historic battlefield of Panipat, where 30 years ago, Babur had defeated the last Delhi Sultan, Ibrahim Lodi. A fierce battle was fought between two armies.

Initially the battle seemed to favor of Hemu, but luckily, for Akbar, Hemu was hit in the eye by an arrow. He fell on the ground and lay unconscious. His soldiers presumed that their leader was dead. There was panic in the Afghan army. Akbar took advantage of this situation and won the battle. Hemu was captured and later beheaded by Bairam Khan. Delhi and Agra thus passed into the hands of Akbar.

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