Co operation is a philosophy of life which can permit every aspect of human activity. Throughout the ages, co operation has been practiced in some form or other. The battle for survival which inimical tribe’s wages against one another, inevitable promoted the co-operative spirit in community life, or co operative must always appeal to the weaker section as a protection against the strong.

In the complex structure of modern society, co operation has grown enormously like a tree with countless branches.

The universal scope of co operation as a philosophy of life and a philosophy of action has been variously described. With the common man claiming greater attention and with the concept of Welfare State taking concrete shape in the evaluation of human density, co operative presents a powerful appeal as a peaceful means of achieving revolutionary ends.

It has so far not possible to feline co operation precisely. Different definition has been given by different authorities. Co operation has been variously defined according to the conditions and circumstances of the country in which it worked and developed.


According to the co operative planning committee helped by H. Calvert, “co operation is a form of organisation in which persons voluntarily associated together on the basis of equality for the promotion of their economic interests. Those who come together, have a common economic aim which they cannot achieve by individual and isolated acting because of weakness of the economic position of a large majority of them.

This element of individual’s weakness is overcome by pooling up their resources, by making self help effective through mutual aid and by strengthening the beyond of moral solidarity between them.

Dr. Kalilash Nath Katju has observed “co operation is self help as well as mutual help. It is joint enterprise of those who are not financially strong and cannot stand on their own legs and therefore come together not with a view to get profits but to overcome disability arising out of adequate financial resources and thus better their economic conditions.”

To be brief, the term “Co-operation” in its special sense, may be described as a special form of doing business, not in the traditional profit economy sense but to achieve their common objective through self –help and mutual help.