Brief Notes on Franco Prussian War (1870) during Unification of Italy


Now there remained only one hurdle in the way of unification of Italy viz.occupation of Rome. But Rome was under the sway of Pope and Victor Emmaunel did not want any conflict with him. Further he had given a commitment to France not to invade Pope and to recognize his pious entity. In fact one army of Napoleon III was stationed in Rome for the protection of the Pope and Italy could not take any action.

Therefore, the Italian leadership had to wait for some lime more before they could capture Rome. The opportunity was pro­vided by the defeat of France in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 which rendered France weak and hence it could no longer ensure the safety to Pope. Rome was captured by Emmanuel II in September 1870.

A plebi­scite was held to ascertain public opinion. In the plebiscite the people voted for unification with Italy with an overwhelming majority. Rome was made the capital of Italy and it emerged as a united and free nation.

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