Notes on Victory over Sicily during Unification of Italy


After being checkmated in the north, Cavour thought of achieving Italian unification through south. He said “They have stopped me from making Italy by diplomacy through the north; I will make it by revolution from the south”. Accordingly in 1860 when the inhabitants of Sicily re­volted against their autocratic rulers, Cavour sent Garibaldi with his sol­diers to Palemo, the capital of Sicily, to assist the people.

He ousted the ruler with the help of the people. He defeated and also inflicted a defeat on the army of Naples at Milazzo. As a result the whole of Italy with the exception of fort of Mazzina came under his control.

Fearing that these victories of Garibaldi may impede the cause of Italy’s unification due to the possibility of Garibaldi coming to the rescue of the Pope. Cavour was able to secure approval of Napoleon III for invasion of Umbria and marches by the Peidmont armies. Ultimately on 29 September the armies of Piedmont captured Ancona.


Garibaldi agreed to hand over Naples and Sicily to the King of Piedmont and thus the unification of Italy was completed. Victor Emmanuel was made the King of Italy.

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