Sample Advice Letter To Your Younger Brother Who Was Caught Copying In His Exams. Advise Him On Values and Principles.


Dear brother NAME,

How are you? Hope you are in red of health. I am greatly shocked after hearing that you were found copying in exams. This is a matter of utmost shame and regret. I have never accepted such behavior from you.


What has gone wrong? That you have used this way to pass your exams. Last Sunday, your class teacher Mr. Gupta met me in the Company Garden. He told me that you never concentrate on your studies. You often bunk classes and loiter around. This is not right! Are you having fear of failing in the exams? Don’t do so, because if you would failed you could have tried again but now you are still a failure and now people would call you a cheater. Is that ok for you?

Learn to try, if you are afraid of failing in exams then don’t be. If you fail no one will tell you anything that I’m promising you. But you should keep on trying. I hope that you concentrate on your studies well from now.

You’re Elder Sister,