Sample letter to your younger brother advising him to be serious to his studies

Dear brother Ankit,

I was disappointed to see your progress report that I received yesterday. You have fared badly in your half-yearly examination. Your performance is dismal in science and mathematics in which you could not even score pass marks. It is shocking indeed.

The poor performance indicates that you are not sincere to your studies. A few of your friends have also complained against you. You devote much time in practising cricket. There is no denying the fact that sports have their own importance, but nothing should be done at the cost of studies. Primary task of the students is to study.


You know, this is the most important phase in a man’s life. This is the formative period. Your performance during this neriod has a bearing on the whole of your life. This performance lays the foundation of a good career. One who [s insincere to one’s studies during this time is bound to repent for the whole of his life. So, wake up before it is too late.

This is my sincere advice to you to be very sincere to your studies. Never neglect your studies and work hard otherwise you will fail in your final examination. I am confident that you will pay attention to my advice and act upon it.

Your loving brother,