My dear Susil,

I was pleased to read your letter of …………… (date). I am glad to know that you are in good health and are well prepared for the High School examination next week. You have studied hard and have used your time well; so I know you will do well at the examination.

However, this is your first public examination; so a few words of advice will be to achieve the best.

Go to the examination hall a little before time but not too early. A seat will have been allotted to you. Your teacher will show you your seat. Keep calm, or you will get confused. Do not take any book or scrap of paper with you into £he hall. Take only your admit card and your pen. See that the pen is filled with ink. At the mathematics examination you will need you box of geometrical instruments.


When the question paper is given to you, read it carefully and begin to write the answers. Let them and wets be Short and precise. Give all your attention to your writing and never look to and fro. Don’t leave the hall before the end of the hour. If you have completed the answers, revise them for any correction you have to make.

Wishing you the best of fortune, I stop here.

Yours Affectionately

………………………… (Name)