Write a Letter to Your Landlord for Necessary Repairs


Dear Shri Lai,

I wanted to come and see you personally in regard to certain urgent repairs needed in your flat, now occupied by me, but because of want of time, I cannot do so. There is seepage in the walls of the drawing room, and therefore the room remains damp and unpleasant. The flat also requires a white wash, besides painting of the doors and the windows.

There are some other minor repairs as well, which I would show you if you kindly pay us a personal visit. You know, since my occupation of your flat, I have not requested for any repairs at all. And I have been in the flat for the last five years. It is also in the interest of your flat that these repairs are carried out immediately, because soon the rainy season would set in and then things would get worse.


I hope you will see the urgency of the matter in view of the fact that in August my eldest son is to be married. It would be really absurd to receive the guests in the damp and leaking drawing room. I would feel obliged if the matter is given immediate attention and repairs done at the earliest. In case you are not free, I can get the repairs done and debit the costs towards your rent account.

Please reply immediately and let me know how you want the repairs to be done. I want that these repairs are done latest by the end of this month.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

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