I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letter asking me to submit my explanation for misbehaving with my class teacher. I am pained to learn that you intend to take a disciplinary action against me for breach of discipline.

I think I shall be failing in my duty if I do not offer a satisfactory explanation to you. To state in brief, my class teacher, Shri Krishan Chand’s complaint against me is not justified though not in the least objectionable also, because it is based on misunderstanding.


He has joined the school only recently and I was not aware of his strict nature. By speaking in the class very quickly, he might have just thought of making an impression on us. And when I interrupted him by asking a question, I never meant any disrespect to him. I wanted a clarification and nothing more. There was no doubt in my mind about his scholarly qualities.

Even if he has taken exception to my putting a question, I am really very sorry for it. I could never think that I would give him such impression.

I assure you, Sir, that I have never been a mischief-maker. You can gather opinion about me from other teachers of my class in any case; I offer my apologies to you and to him. I also promise never in future to give him any chance of complaint against me. I trust I have made my point quite clear to you and you will kindly drop the charges against me.

Yours obediently,