Write a letter to your old teacher, giving impressions your now school and teachers


Address: ………………

Date: ……………………..

Respected Mam,


I reached my new place of study on Saturday last. Today is Tuesday. Within these three days I have learnt a lot about school boys and teachers here, and I am writing this letter to give you a gist of my experiences.

Ordinarily it would be difficult to form an opinion about others within such a little time. But the saying that “coming events cast their shadows before time” is correct. It thinks I will never have to change my opinion.

The moment I reached my school and sent word to the principal, boys came rushing to receive me. They seemed happy to find a new addition in the rolls of the school. Many of them put different questions in a single breath asking my name, class, name of the previous school and my parents. They took me by the arm and conducted me to the Principal’s room.

The Principal offered me a seat. I gave him the letter of recommendation from you. He praised you very much and, assured me that a teacher of your standing would never write a letter of recommendation in undeserving cases. Therefore, he said, I was welcome to the school.


He then introduced me to my class teacher. He gave me a test. The manner of his asking questions from me was so sweet that replying to him was a matter of joy for me. His treatment showed that I was not at all a stranger to him.

I have been granted admission to Xth Class and I have started my studies in the right earnest from the beginning. Though I feel quite comfortable here, yet I miss you very much.

I hope to see you during Christmas holidays to relate more experiences.

Meanwhile I remain, Sir,


Yours sincerely,

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