Write a Letter of Introduction, Introducing One of Your Intimate Friend’s to Your Uncle Living in Bangalore



Respected Uncle,

I feel great pleasure in introducing one of my best friends Mr.Vineet Deepak. He will be in Bangalore in the first week of the next month in connection with an interview in the ‘Hindustan Aeronautic Limited’ for the post of Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical). He has been my class fellow in the IIT, Delhi during my Degree Course there.


I mentioned you about him the last time I visited you. He is a very nice fellow and an expert chess-player like you. You will surely enjoy playing chess with him. He will stay with you for two-three days. Make him feel at home and guide him as regards the places of tourist interest in Bangalore and around it.

My friend is employed here with a very reputed engineering firm but he wants a change because of better promotion avenues and financial benefits there.

My friend is a good conversationalist and his knowledge is almost encyclopedic. You will certainly enjoy his company. I shall send some sweets for you and aunt and a set of story books for Sheila, my dear cousin. Give my love to her and regards to respected aunt.

I shall feel highly obliged for your hospitality and guidance to my friend. He will bring another letter from me with him for you. Till then good bye


With best regards,

Yours affectionately,

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