Sample Thank You Letter to Uncle for Birthday Gift


Dear Uncle,

Thank you so much for your so beautiful birthday present. Aunt and you were kind enough not to forget me on my birthday. I am overjoyed to receive your blessings and the gift, the set of pens. It is the prettiest present I have ever received. It will always inspire me to achieve better grades in my examinations. I am writing this letter with one of those pens and feel so delighted. You may see yourself how smoothly it writes. It almost glides on the paper like a boat on the water.

Uncle, my achievement in the coming examinations would prove how richly I deserve this kind of gift from you. I feel sorry that you and aunt could not come personally to grace the occasion owing to your tight corner in the business. I know how busy and important you are. I hope you along with aunty will pay us a visit as soon as possible.


Once again thanks for the splendid birthday gift and the trouble you took in selecting a right thing for me.

Yours lovingly


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