On behalf of the Ramesh Nagar Residents Welfare Association, of which I am the President, and on my own behalf, I want to bring to your notice the negligence on the part of the new postman in our locality. Since this postman has come, the regular delivery of the mail has been completely disturbed.

From my personal experience I can tell you that he is veiy careless in the discharge of his duties as a public servant and a postman. I have noticed him delivering my personal mail to children playing in the street or to the wrong people. This is a general complaint of the residents. I don’t know why he does not drop the letters, etc in the letter-boxes fixed at the main gates for this purpose.

I have personally asked him to deliver the mail at the right address and in time, a couple of times but without any improvement at all. He seems to have turned a deaf ear to my request and advice. Consequently, sometimes, there is a loss of important letters causing all of us a lot of inconvenience and difficulty.


He is also rude in his behaviour and wants some money as a gratification, whenever he delivers a money order, or some other document sent by the registered post. Today, I received a letter bearing the date stamp of your post office of three monks back.

In the light of above facts, may I request you to instruct him to discharge his duties as a postman more responsibly and sincerely? Though it is not a solution, still I would like that this man is transferred immediately.

I hope on your instructions and warning no such further dereliction of duty would be noticed on the part of concerned postman.

Thanking You.


Yours faithfully,