Write a letter describing your aunt’s house to your father

Respected Father,

Perhaps you know that I went to my aunt’s village, Govindpura, the other day to attend my cousin’s marriage. I was very glad to find there a pleasant change from the noisy, crowded city life. My aunt’s house is open on all four sides, surrounded by fruit gardens and green fields.

I was glad to take my breath in the fresh air while playing with my cousins and their friends. I spent some time everyday in swimming in the nearby stream and thus I enjoyed very much. I was very much pleased with the life in the village where everyone was so good to me. I enjoyed the plain food cooked in pure ghee, home-made delicious sweets and many types of fruits. I shall not forget my experiences of the village life for a long time.


I shall be coming back in 4-5 days. I hope mother and yourself are all doing as well as my brothers and sisters. With best respects.

Your loving son,