Letter to your friend expressing your inability to attend the marriage ceremony


Dear Rushi,

This is in reply to your invitation to the marriage of your elder brother, scheduled to be held on 17th August. I am sorry to inform you that I would not be able to attend the marriage as I have to appear at the AIEEE incidentally scheduled to be held the same day. Please accept my heartiest congratulations on this happy occasion.

As you know, this has been my aim to become an engineer. This has been my childhood dream. I have been working for the last one year for the examination. In fact you always encouraged and inspired me to take the examination very seriously. What a coincidence it is! I had been waiting for a long time to attend a marriage ceremony in your family


Not to attend the marriage of your elder brother is really very painful. But I am helpless. I am sure you will understand the situation and forgive me. I promise I will visit you as soon as I am free. I have a lot to share with you.

Please excuse me once again.

Your loving friend,

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