My dear Ashish

I hope all is well at your end. I have not heard from you for a very long time now so I thought of writing to you after a long wait. I write this letter to inform you about my sister’s marriage, and invite you for the same.

My sister Sunita is getting married to one Mr. Sood who is an engineer working in the United State of America. The marriage ceremony is scheduled for the 10th of January 2000. It will be great fun as, all my cousins are coming for the occasion. I request you also to come to attend it all through. If you accept my suggestion, I say it would be wonderful if you come on the evening of the 9th, after your school time, and return only on the 11th, after my sister leaves. After she leaves, we will all have lunch together and then disperse. Ashish please do not disappoint me and do come on 9th, evening we will have great fun together. You have met all my cousins and of course our friends are common so, you will have no problem in finding company in the stay. Ashish please do come I assure you of a great time.

I am sure your mother will permit you to come here before all of them; I will be looking forward for your confirmation of the programme.


Hoping to hear from you at the earliest convey my regards to your parents, and your sister.

With love

Your friend