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The Editor,

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I was deeply pained to read the press report in your paper captioned ‘Thieves loot black money’, that appeared on the 11th of May. The news report filed by your correspondent is not only incorrect, but far from the truth. There are various glaring anomalies in his report, which I would like to bring to your kind notice.


The serious allegation of black money amounting to Rupees One Million being looted is a travesty of the truth .The exact loss reported in the FIR No. 194 lodged with the police was Rs. Ten Thousand, only, while valuables articles amounting to Rs. One Lakhs had been stolen. Moreover, being a service employee, I have been a regular Income Tax payee. There is therefore, no question of my having access to black money as mentioned in the report.

Besides this, there are other anomalies, like making the case of an ordinary theft seem like a dacoity. This is indeed sensationalising the news that is highly erroneous and misleading.

The fact however was that I was sleeping in my bedroom, on the first floor of my house that fateful night. The burglars probably scaled the boundary wall and broke open the window of my study room on the ground floor. They thereafter ransacked my study and drawing room, decamping with some cash and valuables stated above. I discovered the theft early next morning. There was no scuffle and gunshots as stated in your paper. The report is highly malevolent with intent to harm my reputation and has caused me grievous mental agony. A paper of your repute ought to avoid such misleading and malicious report based on hearsay.

I would request you to kindly take out a correction, stating the bare facts, so that the harm inadvertently done by your paper is set right.


Thanking You,

Yours faithfully, Your Name