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Mysterious object flying in the sky at 2 am when she was suddenly awakened by a swooshing sound. When she came on the terrace, she saw it fully. It was soaring upwards in the sky. Since she had read much about UFO’s she decided to write to the Junior Science Monitor magazine

Dear Sir,

Sub (UFO spotted over Gurgaon- a viewer’s impression)


Yesterday at about 2 am I was suddenly awakened by a swooshing sound coming from outside. The sky was clear and there was no wind. When I came out what I saw both startled and dazed me. I could not believe what I saw. It was an Unidentified Flying Object. It was circular in shape like a saucer and dome-shaped at the central top. Its diameter could be well about 20 meters with several rectangular windows on the outer fringe. I could see through a window a bright light inside it and some weird creatures sitting therein. The dome-like centre glistened red emitting a sharp breaking sound like those of grasshoppers.

I hid myself below the boundary wall and continued looking at it. Soon a strange creature with a large head and abnormally long hands and legs came out of this object. It did not look like a human being but looked more like a robot. My blood froze. A fearful cry was going to escape from my lips but I kept full control. The figure bent downwards and took several photographs of the cows, buffaloes and a few sleeping human beings. The other creatures sitting at the windows appeared to be operating some highly sophisticated instruments inside.

I wanted to awaken my father. But in a few moments the ‘photographer’ was lifted inside the object without any support and it rose vertically at an unimaginably high speed. In a few seconds, it was gone southwards. I could not believe at what I saw. But I am definite that we rea being visited by extra-terrestrial creatures from outer space.

I shall be glad to hear more from the people interested in UFOs’.


Yours faithfully,


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