After reading the following newspaper article, he writes a letter to the editor of a local newspaper, giving his strong views on the disadvantages of the Government’s move and making out an appeal to it to reconsider its decision.


The Central Government has decided against including the use of loudspeakers for religious purposes in the Noise and Pollution Act, 1969 on the premise that it will interfere into the secular aspect of the Constitution. It has set at rest the speculation by many that some curbs would be provided against the misuse of the loudspeakers in the name of religion. However instead of creating a wave of cheerfulness, it has caused ripples of anger and indignation in the hearts of the Environmentalists…



The Editor

New Delhi Times




Dear Sir

I have read an article in yesterday’s newspaper regarding the Government’s decision against including the use of loudspeakers for religious purposes. I am writing this letter to express my horror and indignation at the government’s decision. Without any restrictions from the reinforcing agencies, the use of loudspeakers for religious purposes has assumed alarming proportions. It is only at midnight when loudspeakers from religious places are silent.

But at 5 am the next morning they start blaring again. Loudspeakers, bands, etc used in marriages add much strain to the people in addition to the daily noise of horns from the vehicular traffic. The authorities have already registered about 90 decibels of sound. This can make people irritated and mad. This sound pollution along with air pollution has made life very hazardous.

The decision of the government on the premise of interference in the secular aspect of the Constitution will give unbridled freedom to users of loudspeakers for religious purposes. I don’t mean to injure the religious sentiments of the people at large but human sentiments must be given precedence to the former. I, therefore, appeal to the Government to revive its decision and provide, at least, some minimum level of sound at which the loudspeakers could be used for religious purposes.


Yours faithfully,