An effective training programme consists of the following steps:

1. Discover the training needs:

Training needs can be identified by assessing the current and future, business conditions and by matching with the skills and resources available and by evaluation of the performance of the people with specific emphasis’ on areas of improvement.

2. Establish objectives of the training programmes:


A full assessment must be make of the potential achievement following the training programme and directly attributable to these programmes.

3. Getting ready for the job:

This step would specify the type of workers who need to be trained. Are they newcomers or older employees or supervision staff. As much as possible, the training programme should be customer designed to fit individual needs.

4. Presentation of operations:


This step involves the selection of qualified trainees and the identification of training methods. The trainer should build a rapport with the learner and clearly guide him into learning and digesting new knowledge and techniques.

Instructions should be given completely, clearly and patiently and a free flow communication and participation should be encouraged.

5. Evaluating the effectiveness of the training programme and follow up:

The effectiveness of the programme can be appraised by written and oral test, by observing the trainees when put to job independently and comparing the results after the training programme was initiated.


This should continue until the performance of the worker is up to the expectation of the trainer and then the trainee can be put on his own with reduced supervision.