7 important Needs for Training

It is important that employees be induced into training programmes to improve their job knowledge, skills and future performance. The need for proper training is emphasised as follows:-

1. Increased Productivity:

Adequate training increases skill which improves both the quality as well’ as quantity of the product, due to increase in the level of performance.


2. Improvement in employee morale:

Training improves needed skills which build up confidence and satisfaction. This in turn develops enthusiasm and pride which are indicative of high morale.

3. Availability for future personnel needs of the organisation:

Good training programmes develop employees and prepare them for future managerial and executive positions. Accordingly when the need arises for personnel changes, the internal sources can be utilised more effectively.


4. Improvement in health and safety:

Proper training can help prevent industrial accidents and create a safer work environment. Skilled and knowledgeable workers are less prone to accidents.

5. Reduced supervision:

A trained employee supervises himself. He is responsible and expects more freedom and autonomy and less supervision. This creates a spirit of participation and team work


6. Personal growth:

The training programmes give the participants a wider awareness, a sense of self satisfaction and fulfillment, an enlightened philosophy and a value system that are the apex of the personal growth.

7. Organisational stability:

Training and development programmes foster the initiative and creativity of employees which increases a sense of belonging thus preventing a manpower obsolescence. There is no greater organisational asset than that of trained and motivated personnel.